Rohler Rink Specs.

We take pride in our Roller Rink!

Our rink is an amazing Two Hundred and Sixteen feet long and Fifty feet wide! That’s over two-thirds of a football field. Plus our rink isn’t circular or oval in shape, so you don’t spend all your time turning!
Our rink was built back in 1960 and we’ve remained true to the motiff of that age. Just imagine kids like from the movie Grease skating to the sounds of The Beatles or The Beach Boys and you’ll get the right idea. However, just because President John F. Kennedy could’ve skated in our rink doesn’t mean our floor is old!
Our floor was just resurfaced in May of 2006 with Tempered Masonite. It’s a tough, high-density product with superior strength and resistance to impact and water absorption. It’s too smooth to give you road rash like the streets yet it gives better grip than the mediocre wooden floors you see in a lot of other rinks.
Also, skate or blade to your favorite songs or music videos with our modern sound, light and video system! We even have some original vinyl records, handed down through the generations. Twist and Shout always did sound best on those!